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I’m excited to be releasing my third book in the Descendants Saga, Revenge of the Wolves. I managed to not take six months this time! You can see the pretty cover to the right of this post or on the dedicated Viking pages. However, if you’re not reading from the actual site, then here’s the cover art.

RotW Final 72dpi

I had fun writing this one, as usual. I’ll share an interesting tidbit on this one. This is the first book that I wrote almost entirely on my phone. I know. That doesn’t sound writerly, does it?  But honestly, I enjoy writing in my local Starbucks and I have a large smart phone that runs Scrivener. So I hook up a wireless keyboard and start writing. Works like a charm. It also draws lots of onlookers, as if I’ve done some magical witchcraft to my phone.

Oh yeah, the book. Well, if you haven’t already gone over to buy it yet, here’s the blurb to further entice you.

Yngvar Hakonsson is the scourge of the north. He raids the coasts of Denmark on orders from King Hakon the Good of Norway. He is both hated and admired for his daring successes. On one raid, Yngvar captures more than he expected. 
A merchant ship and its entire crew are part of the spoils. A prized cargo of Frankish swords is secured in its hold. Realizing the traders have come from Frankia, Yngvar seeks news. He learns Jarl Vilhjalmer Longsword and his sworn men are at war with the Bretons. Yngvar’s father is at the frontlines.
And the battle has ravaged his land and people.
Yngvar’s successes have rendered him invaluable to King Hakon. He is forbidden to aid his family against the Bretons. But Yngvar and his fellow wolves have not forgotten their homes. Not even the commands of kings can stem their wrath.
Join Yngvar and his companions in this third volume of the Descendants Saga. Follow these Viking warriors into deceit, vengeance, and war.

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The latest book in my Viking series, Descendants Saga, is now for sale on Amazon.com. You can see the cover and link in the sidebar. Please give it a click and check it out. Preferably buy it while you’re there, too!

Every now and then I run into a book that gives me trouble either in the writing or the publication process. This was an example of the latter. It was really all self-inflicted on my part. But the book was delayed nearly two months from the time I completed it until I could finally publish it.  I re-learned a few things I thought I knew about planning. I’m not going to make the same mistake on the next volume.

In some ways, however, this delay was not all that bad. I had some personal impediments to writing during this delay period. Normally while a book is in the editorial process I’m busy writing the draft of the next one. However, this time I also didn’t write for the two months of the delay —  at least not until the end of it. So now I’m in-sync with my usual process. It was like a reset button, in some respects, bringing everything back to its “happy place.”

In any case, Yngvar and friends have a new adventure awaiting you. I’m already writing their next adventure. So by the time you finish this book — as long as I apply the lessons I just learned about planning! — it shouldn’t be too long before another adventure begins.

As is typical of me, I’ll disappear from these pages while I write the next story. But I do check my email all the time and I respond to any comments left. So please let me know what you think. I’m always glad to hear from readers! Thanks and happy reading!

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A Quick Check-In

I just wanted to post a quick check-in. I know I’m not a big blog poster, but I’ve been silent for quite a while. I’ve received a few emails wondering about the next book in the Descendants Saga series. Well, I’d like to talk about that for a moment.

Rest assured the next book is done, though it’s in the editorial process right now. I made some key mistakes in planning this book. I didn’t really take into account the editorial process like I’ve done in the past. So now I’m in this situation where the book is done but it won’t be available until next month.

I apologize for the length between the first book and the second. Here’s where I wish this blog was a bit more active than it is. I don’t know who will see this update. I hope my readers don’t wander off on me!

In any case, I started on the next book. So book three is already in the works. I hope that means you won’t have to wait as long for the third book to follow the second book. We’ll see how that all plays out. In the meantime, I appreciate your patience. Yngvar and his wolves will return soon. I promise it will be worth the wait.

Expect the next book in early August. Thanks!

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Vikings! Yes, I have missed writing about Vikings. I’ve returned from a recent sojourn through the world of sword & sorcery fantasy. It was fun. I guess. It’s a lot harder than it seems. As a fantasy fanboy of so many years it was rather hard to step up to the bar with all the other great writers in the field.

But why am I talking about that? VIKINGS! Hell, yeah! I’m picking up the story where Ulfrik Ormsson left off. He had sons who had sons…. who might have sons one day. I guess that’s how it works. But for now we’re focusing on Ulfrik’s grandchildren.

Descendants of the Wolf is what you want to read. Lots of blood and battles. All that Viking goodness (or badness, depending how you look at it), is right there from page one.

If you’ve read Ulfrik Ormsson’s Saga, then you know what to expect. Only it’s even better. I really believe it is. This book was pure awesome to write. You should read it.  Here’s a the cover. Go get it at Amazon.com US or UK now!

DotW Final 72dpi

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Age of Blood On Sale

Yes, I am actually still alive and writing. I know all three of my dedicated blog readers must have been wondering where I had disappeared. As they also know, I’m not much of a blogger. So I’ve resurfaced to inform you that my latest book, Age of Blood, is now on sale.  Below is the pretty picture.

I’ve completely re-branded the look of the whole series. I did not like the original covers and felt they might be contributing to slow sales. If you’re like me, you judge a book by its cover. These covers rock — so do the books! Go get all three NOW!


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Children of Urdis Final 72dpi

The second book in my sword and sorcery fantasy series, Grimwold and Lethos, is now out. It is called The Children of Urdis. You can buy or borrow it on Amazon.com right now. Here’s the US store and here it is in the UK store. It’s also available in all other Amazon stores, but US and UK are the most popular stores for my books.

The story picks right up where the first book, Deadman’s Tide, left off. If you haven’t been following this series you can check out the “fantasy” page at the top of my blog. Better yet, you can download a sample of the first book from Amazon.  Give it a shot! Anyway, The Children of Urdis introduces more of the world’s history and mythology. While not historical fiction, I’ve based the lands of Valahur and Avadur roughly on Norse traditions. You will find not only a good story, but plenty of battles and feats of magic — all that you’d expect from a fast-paced fantasy tale.

So after this release, I’m working on what I plan to be the final book in the series. I’m about 20-25% done with the first draft now. There’s a lot of story threads to tie up in the final book, so I expect it will take me some time to complete the draft. While I’m enjoying writing about a fantasy world right now, I’m getting an itch to return to my historical roots. I’ve been thinking about continuing my Viking saga. No solid story ideas yet, but those will come in time. So keep an eye out here as the year goes on. I’ll be sure to share my plans.


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Hard At Work

I’ve been quiet these last few months, as is typical of me. There’s only so much time for writing and I save it for the “real stuff.” I have finished writing the second book in the Grimwold and Lethos story. The story is now with beta readers for their feedback. I’ll do whatever corrections or changes that are needed, then send it for editing. It should be available by late June.

I’m already at work on the outline for the third book. I believe I’ll be ending the the story with this next one. Turns out this was a trilogy. How typical of fantasy! As I think of where I’m taking the story, it just makes sense. Plus, not every series has to push ten titles. I think recent trends in fantasy have been to make the books longer and more of them in a series. Certainly not all writers do this, but it just feels like that’s the general shape of things in modern fantasy.

After this fantasy series wraps up, I’m planning to return to the world of the vikings once more. It will have been a year since I completed Ulfrik Ormsson’s Saga, and I would like to revisit that world. Perhaps it will be time to see what Ulfrik’s sons did after his death. There’s still lots of history to cover.

Beyond that, I will continue to explore other genres. An idea for short, action-packed science fiction novels have been swirling through my busy thoughts. Right now it’s all just book titles, characters, and scene fragments. But the idea is taking shape. Maybe you’ll see more on that later. In the meantime, buy my books!

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